Lafayette Rim Trail Run and Partial Diablo Bike Ride

Ran the Lafayette reservoir RIM trail with a few friends today (approx. 7 miles). I only did the upper RIM because I wanted to get back in time to go on a nice bike ride. After the run was done, went with Sylvain to pick up his bike then off to my house to pick up my bike. We started from Danville and headed towards Walnut Creek then Pleasant Hill. At this point Sylvain split off and went home.  I went home as well but instead of going back the way we came on Danville Blvd, I went on Bancroft Rd. in Walnut Creek to the North Gate Mt. Diablo entrance for an “as the crow fly’s” quick way home. Nothing was quick about it, I bonked only a couple miles in due to being really hungry. I bummed a Powerbar of a nice gent on the Mt. and then slowly made my way to the ranger station. Once I was at the ranger station it was pretty much all downhill from there to my Dad’s house where I went to drop off my bike.   
By John Behring Last updated: 26 April 2011, 17:40