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Eagles at Mount Diablo

Ran from my house today to Rock city, climbed the highest rock I could find and watched the eagles flying for about 30 minutes. The weather today was mild (in the 50's) but breezy.  Round trip was about 8 miles.



By John Behring

Mount Diablo Challenge

This was a hard but great ride and a first for me to do this race challenge. What a great rush of adrenaline, it was fun going up the mountain with a whole ton of other cycle enthusiast. I mean everyone was awesome. Just completing this task of 3200 feet of elevation gain deserves a pat on the back.

Here's a quick summary of events. I started at about 9 o'clock or so. Wave 5, the last wave. I hate the beginning part of the road, which is such a mess (pot holes, cracks, and loose gravel on the road). The homeowners need to get together and fix their road, it is truly quite awful. Once you get to the main state park road (after the gate), the road is at least x100 better. The grade is pretty light for the first 3 miles or so to the pay ranger station, I think I passed about 125 people here. The second section is pretty flat except for a few curves after rock city. Then you have some nice climbs near barbeque terrace up to the junction (passed another 75 to hundred people here in this section). The switch backs leading up to the junction can be a pain. After the junction the grit begins and you have pretty generous climbs to the top (passed another 50 or so people in this section). Once you get to the lower summit parking lot you hang a slight left to continue up the opposite side of the road to the finish line where you want to barf. The end.

The Stats:

Time to ranger station/junction: 33 minutes 25 seconds
Finish time: 1 hour 5 minutes 40 seconds
Male division place: 274
Wave: 5
Contestants past: 200+
Water weight lost: 7 lbs
Wave riders seen while riding: 5, 4, 3 & 2

Link to place stats: Active Results
Link to pictures: Photos


By John Behring

Mt. Diablo Ride Today

Nice ride today with my buddies Nick and Dave. Started the ride out at Nick's Dad's house. We prepped out our Bikes for the ride. I finally purchased some new tires to replace my worn down starter set. The new tires are the Continental GP4000's.

At first I thought these tires road rough but it was just because of the "new" tire nubs that you need to wear down on the fresh tire before it starts to ride smooth. So far I feel the GP4000s are  a very durable tire. After our bikes were all set we took off from Nick's Dad's house and we were on our way.

We made our way over to the Southgate entrance of Mt. Diablo in no time, we then proceeded to mash the mountain up to the 2nd ranger station where we refilled our water. My time from Athenian school to North Gate-South Gate Ranger station was 34:55. A few minutes off my pervious time of 38:53. The weather was good though, I must say since I was battling some nasty winds the pervious time. After we refilled water at the ranger station we then proceeded to the top it was all pretty much no-issues till we got to the lower parking lot of Summit. We then proceeded up the challenging narrow grade of a road to the summit top parking lot. Having no granny gear makes this somewhat of a challenge for me but I still made it. After we chilled at the top for a few and checked out the view we then proceeded down the Mt. at a steady clip of 25 to 30 mph. We made our way to the ranger station and then headed down the Northgate side all the way to the North Gate park entrance where we then turned around and proceeded back up the Mt. I was on somewhat of a time crunch this day so I made the trek at this point up the Northgate side to the NorthGate-SouthGate ranger station and from there headed down Southgate back to Nicks Dad's house. Nick and Dave on the other hand went all the way back up the Mt. for a second summit look! What can I say, they are savages. After this whole endeavor, elevation gain was over 7000ft with over 4000 calories burned and 40 pretty solid trip miles. Not bad, a?  

By John Behring

Danville to Livermore to San Ramon

Today, I went on an AM ride with my buddy Matt. The weather was not bad. It was sunny but windy. We road all the way out to Wente Vinyards from Danville, even though the weather was a tad harsh for your average rider there were still a lot of people out riding. The route we took was flat and we covered about 45 miles in total. Lots of traffic for a Saturday, had to be a tad careful. The ride overall I'd say was a good one, no tire flats is always a plus too. Always where that helmet! 

Hopefully I will be a little less lazy next time and snap some pictures of these rides. 
By John Behring