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Lafayette Rim Trail Run and Partial Diablo Bike Ride

Ran the Lafayette reservoir RIM trail with a few friends today (approx. 7 miles). I only did the upper RIM because I wanted to get back in time to go on a nice bike ride. After the run was done, went with Sylvain to pick up his bike then off to my house to pick up my bike. We started from Danville and headed towards Walnut Creek then Pleasant Hill. At this point Sylvain split off and went home.  I went home as well but instead of going back the way we came on Danville Blvd, I went on Bancroft Rd. in Walnut Creek to the North Gate Mt. Diablo entrance for an “as the crow fly’s” quick way home. Nothing was quick about it, I bonked only a couple miles in due to being really hungry. I bummed a Powerbar of a nice gent on the Mt. and then slowly made my way to the ranger station. Once I was at the ranger station it was pretty much all downhill from there to my Dad’s house where I went to drop off my bike.   
By John Behring

Reservoir Loop

Went on a sweet bike ride with Matt and Katie. The loop was new to me with a large road to ride on for the most part.


Cities traveled through in order traveled...



San Ramon


Castro Valley

Eastbay Park Land



Walnut Creek



Total Distance: 62 miles

By John Behring

Thanksgiving Diablo Ride

Had a nice chill Thanksgiving ride today. Weather was good on the south side at about 50 degrees ferinheight and the sun out. It was literally 'chill' on north side of Diablo with about a 15 degree drop and no sun. At the top of the Mountain it was so clear out you could see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, remarkable.
By John Behring

Tahoe Sierra Century Ride 2010 Scenic Bike Tour of Tahoe, Truckee and Donner Areas

This was a great ride. I did about 80 miles of the 100 mile tour after doing the first leg of the Tahoe triple the day before. When I have more time, I will try and get back to writing about this. It really requires some sit down writing time to really go over all the amazing details about this adventure.
By John Behring

70 Mile Ride Today

Went on what ended up being a fast 70 mile bike ride today, it was pretty legit. Average speed was 17.9 mph. Went with my buddy Nick and we hit Sonics at the halfway point in Tracey. For a drink at Sonics I had Berry Mt. Dew with blended ice, it was amazing after riding about 35 miles. Then we road back to our starting point in San Ramon. The only hard part on this ride was going back up the Altamont Pass Road, that is some windy $h1#!!!! It was border line Mt. Diablo hard. Anyhow we made it out of the Altamont Pass and then the rest of the ride tasted like candy.

Here is a map of the ride (courtesy of Nick) loaded up on

By John Behring


First century ride today! It was grand. Total mileage was actually about 110. The ride went from San Ramon to Dublin, Pleasanton, Sunol, back to Pleasanton, then Livermore, Vasco Rd, Altamont Pass Road, Grant Line, Mt. House, Tracey (with a stop at Sonics), Brentwood, Marsh Creek Rd, Diablo Foothills, Clayton, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville and finally back to San Ramon again. The trip circumvented Mt. Diablo and took about 8 and 1/2 hours. Average speed was about 15.5mph. You know your ride is going to be long when you live in the East Bay and after a little treking you bike pass the California Aqueduct. The Aqueduct just has that feeling of 'rural area' to me.. All and all a great ride minus Byron Highway where the speed limit is 55 and everyone is driving 70. There was even one person who yelled out 'get a car!' to us...  

  Check out a map of our Century ride here.

By John Behring

Danville to Livermore to San Ramon

Today, I went on an AM ride with my buddy Matt. The weather was not bad. It was sunny but windy. We road all the way out to Wente Vinyards from Danville, even though the weather was a tad harsh for your average rider there were still a lot of people out riding. The route we took was flat and we covered about 45 miles in total. Lots of traffic for a Saturday, had to be a tad careful. The ride overall I'd say was a good one, no tire flats is always a plus too. Always where that helmet! 

Hopefully I will be a little less lazy next time and snap some pictures of these rides. 
By John Behring

Benicia Bridge Bike Ride

I went on a bike ride today with Nick and Dave. The weather was great, it was about 70 degrees with very little wind. I started out at my house on route to San Ramon to meet up with my buddies. From San Ramon we headed out toward Martinez on our way to the Benicia Bridge. This was my first time crossing the bridge since the bike path was completed. We got a little lost near Martinez since we did not see a sign to the Benicia bridge bike lane entrance but we soon found it and went across the bridge. It was pretty cool. Then we headed back home to San Ramon. Complete route today totaled about 60 miles.  

Here is some information about the Benicia Bridge. 
By John Behring

Partial Mt. Diablo Ride Today

I did a Mt. Diablo ride on my bike today, started around 9:45am. It took me 38:53 to get from the Athenian soccer field to the North Gate/South Gate junction. Time wise, I think this is eh, it was a little cold and a little windy, plus I went solo. I have to start somewhere I guess. It was still nice to get out of the house though.

By John Behring