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2011 Fight For Air Stair Climb San Francisco

Today my friend Matt T. and I did the 2011 Fight For Air Stair Climb San Francisco at the Bank of America building in SF. It was an ok climb, glad it was indoors! The days weather was, meh (rain, rain, rain). The climb was good ( i think) even though I felt more tired than usual plus I felt like my lungs were being poked by needles around floor 30. The check in took a while but there were nice volunteers that helped the competitive climbers check in so we were able to get ahead a little bit in the line since our wave was first to go. Since we were a little bit late to the stair well, we had a lot of traffic so I think that hurt my time. I'm not quite sure what my time was because we left early since the parking garage at the Stair Climb was $4 every 15 minutes! Anyhow, overall it was for a good cause and hopefully we will do it next year.
Here is the web site for the 2011 event if you are curious.
By John Behring