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2011 Mt. Diablo Challenge

This was a serious hill climb. Only 14 seconds away from an under one hour shirt. I hope some of my buddies join me next year in the race. I bet we could send all of us under an hour if we worked together.
By John Behring

Featherpedals Ride

Today I rode with the Featherpedals in Danville, CA. They are a very organized and fun group. They have a SAG and a sweep, so there is a lot of support. The riders are very courteous and although competitive (good) not pushy at all. I have dropped in on a couple other groups in the area which offer good rides as well but some of the others take themselves too seriously. The Featherpedals offer a nice experience for both novice and more experienced riders alike. They offer two types of rides, the Classic and Challenge routes. I opted for the challenge route because, as you know (if you read my blog) that I like Mt. Diablo. The route started off from Draggers market, in Danville, Ca and then took a right out the parking lot on to Blackhawk road towards Mt. Diablo. Today, the weather conditions where not bad overall. The morning temperature was good (50 to 55 degrees) with visibility not so good on the Mountain. It was nice to be above the cloud line and get some sun at the Ranger Junction though. On the trip down the mountain there was so much moisture in the air (but not in rain form), that my arms were literally soaked with water. Lots of wet spots on the road, so on the way down max speed was tapped out at 25mph. I don't like wet spots, (especially on the turns) there have been far too many occasions were I have fish tailed or oversteared and almost slid right of the road. It seems to happen to me exclusively in bad weather (fog, rain, ice) or bad road conditions. After we were off the mountain and back on the classic route of the ride, ride conditions improved dramatically.
There was a gentleman named Peter (seemed to me to be a very experienced rider) that I followed for a good portion of the ride. He took some nice action pictures while we were riding, he  even caught a picture of a coyote. I wish I could do that,  I do not have the coordination to take action shots like that (while on a moving BIKE),  Kudos and thanks to Peter for the pictures!

The rest of a ride seemed much easier compared to the Mt. portion but  was very nice, Danville-San Ramon Valley Blvd has been in recent years a well paved road with a nice long fast stretch. It is easy to average 18-20mph, especially within a group on that road.
This was a great ride, offering a lot of different terrain, inclines, declines and flats (gotta love the east bay) . Many of the Featherpedalist have lunch together after the group event. The only hard thing about eating a nice lunch after a ride is if you rode to the meeting point at the start. Riding a bike home after on a full stomach uphill is... lets just say it's meh. It sounds like they may even have more fun after the ride than during. I’ll have to meet up with them after for a bite in the future, maybe I'll drive my car to the meeting spot instead.

By John Behring

Thanksgiving Diablo Ride

Had a nice chill Thanksgiving ride today. Weather was good on the south side at about 50 degrees ferinheight and the sun out. It was literally 'chill' on north side of Diablo with about a 15 degree drop and no sun. At the top of the Mountain it was so clear out you could see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, remarkable.
By John Behring

Mt. Diablo Double Whammy

Today, I rode up Mt. Diablo with my buddies Nick and Dave. It was a good ride with very cool views. The route consisted of going up the south gate Mt. Diablo entrance to the ranger station headquarters (where southgate and northgate road connect) then we proceeded to Summit. We then headed back down the mountain at high speeds, Nick leading the way..all the way to the Northgate entrance.  We then proceeded back up the mountain to summit. After we were back at the top, we checked the view again (amazing) and then headed back down the road to the  Southgate exit of the park.

Side note: The mountain was cold and wet until we got above the cloud level around Juniper.  Once we got past Juniper we could feel the warm sunshine, it was a wonderful feeling.  Also, I personally think the southgate road is a much easier climb than the northgate road  to the top. The northgate road does not give you any breaks! It feels like a never ending constant uphill battle. Photos to follow..
By John Behring


First century ride today! It was grand. Total mileage was actually about 110. The ride went from San Ramon to Dublin, Pleasanton, Sunol, back to Pleasanton, then Livermore, Vasco Rd, Altamont Pass Road, Grant Line, Mt. House, Tracey (with a stop at Sonics), Brentwood, Marsh Creek Rd, Diablo Foothills, Clayton, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville and finally back to San Ramon again. The trip circumvented Mt. Diablo and took about 8 and 1/2 hours. Average speed was about 15.5mph. You know your ride is going to be long when you live in the East Bay and after a little treking you bike pass the California Aqueduct. The Aqueduct just has that feeling of 'rural area' to me.. All and all a great ride minus Byron Highway where the speed limit is 55 and everyone is driving 70. There was even one person who yelled out 'get a car!' to us...  

  Check out a map of our Century ride here.

By John Behring

Partial Mt. Diablo Ride Today

I did a Mt. Diablo ride on my bike today, started around 9:45am. It took me 38:53 to get from the Athenian soccer field to the North Gate/South Gate junction. Time wise, I think this is eh, it was a little cold and a little windy, plus I went solo. I have to start somewhere I guess. It was still nice to get out of the house though.

By John Behring