Drinking Roulette Game

Game created in May of 2010. Created after a long day spent hanging out in Tahoe, CA.
A drinking game that is easy to learn but takes a life time to master.
Start off with a bottle of your favorite 1.75 liter of whiskey, preferably Johnnie Walker
Green Label or the like. Players sit down at a round or square table with yourself and
at least 2 other players. Game may be played with up to 10 people.  
Player turn intervals are set depending on how many players are playing and may be
adjusted by a group vote. Typical time between player turns is up to 10 minutes for a 
three player game and as short as 60 second intervals for a 10 player game. 
Place the chosen bottle in the middle of the table and shot glasses in front of each player. 
Each player rolls dice to see who goes first. Person who rolls the lowest count will go first. 
Order of play is clockwise. Game commences with the first player saying.. "Let's do this,"
and then following with pouring and taking a shot of the chosen whiskey at the center of
the table. 
The next player waits the chosen interval time, then player to the left, picks up the bottle,
and pours them self a shot. Then the player chooses a proper self toast quote (since the
player is the  only one drinking and everyone else is watching), such as 'Bottoms up!', or
'To the night!', be creative with your toast. 
Repeat this process for the remainder of the game. If you feel you can not consume
another shot (you may surrender yourself at any point in the game) or if players at the
table deem you unfit to continue playing with them, you may be voted off the table by a
two thirds majority vote. 
Last person still at the table is declared the winner or ANYONE who is still at the table
when the bottle is empty is declared the winners. In this game it is possible on occasion
for everyone to win. Once game is down to the last two people, the house majority
(2/3 vote) not playing in the game may choose to deem a player unfit to continue and
thus a winner is crowned. 
Unfit: not fit: a : not adapted to a purpose : unsuitable b : not qualified : incapable,
incompetent c : physically or mentally unsound potentially due to drinking large amounts of
Side Note
This is in a way 'a breaking the ice game', between player turns, the group ingages in light
hearted conversation and gets to know one another. No topic is off limits, but try to
understand the group you are playing with and find your boundaries of what is acceptable
conversation for the group at hand. 
This game is not for the feint at heart. Stop playing if you feel any signs of Dizziness,
shortness of breath, or anything else that does not feel right. Drinking too much will make
you DIE. Do not attempt to drink more than is safe to consume. Use the DUI chart to
measure how much is safe to drink if you are going to drive. If you play this game you will
probably not be  driving, hide your friends keys. That is all. 
By John Behring